Delivery Policy - Afri-Farmers Market

1.      Delivery Areas: Afri-Farmers Market provides delivery services to specific geographic areas, which are clearly defined on the platform like in Kigali and other secondary cities in Rwanda. Customers can check if their location is eligible for delivery by entering their address during the checkout process. Afri-Farmers Market strives to expand its delivery network to reach more customers over time.

2.      Delivery Timeframes: Afri-Farmers Market aims to deliver orders to customers' doorsteps within a specified timeframe. The estimated delivery time is communicated to customers during the checkout process based on their location and the availability of the products. However, please note that unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions or logistical issues may occasionally cause delays. Afri-Farmers Market will make its best efforts to inform customers in such situations.

3.      Delivery Charges: Afri-Farmers Market may charge a delivery fee for orders below a certain minimum value, as specified on the platform. This fee covers the cost of transportation and logistics involved in delivering the orders to customers' doorsteps. The delivery charges, if applicable, are clearly mentioned during the checkout process.

4.      Delivery Methods: Afri-Farmers Market utilizes various delivery methods to ensure efficient and timely order fulfillment. This may involve utilizing its in-house delivery team, third-party courier services, or a combination of both, depending on the specific circumstances and location.

5.      Delivery Tracking: Afri-Farmers Market provides a delivery tracking feature to enable customers to monitor the status of their orders. Customers can access this feature through their account on the platform or through a tracking link provided via email or SMS. The tracking feature allows customers to view real-time updates regarding the progress of their delivery, including estimated arrival time and any relevant delivery notes.

6.      Delivery Address: Customers are responsible for providing accurate and complete delivery addresses during the checkout process. Afri-Farmers Market will not be held liable for any delays or failed deliveries resulting from incorrect or incomplete address details provided by the customers. Customers are advised to review their delivery address carefully before finalizing their order.

7.      Delivery Confirmation: Upon successful delivery of an order, Afri-Farmers Market may require a confirmation signature or any other reasonable form of acknowledgement from the customer. This helps ensure that the order has been received by the intended recipient and prevents unauthorized access or delivery disputes.

8.      Delivery Issues: In the event of any delivery issues, such as damaged products or missing items, customers are requested to contact Afri-Farmers Market's customer support as soon as possible. Afri-Farmers Market will investigate the matter promptly and take appropriate actions to resolve the issue, which may include providing replacements or refunds as applicable.

9.      Commitment: Afri-Farmers Market is committed to providing reliable and efficient delivery services to its customers. While the platform takes necessary measures to meet the specified delivery timeframes, it also acknowledges that occasional delays or disruptions may occur due to external factors. The platform strives to maintain transparent communication and resolve any delivery-related concerns promptly to ensure a positive customer experience.