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Afri-Farmers Market 

We deliver fresh food to your doors

Afri-Farmers Market

We seek to be a bridge that connects farmers with consumers in order help farmers access stable market and fair price for their agricultural products and also help consumers buy fresh food directly from the farm.

Small local farmers contribute up to 90% of food produced in Sub-Saharan Africa. But these local farmers still face many challenges since the majority live in remote communities. They have limited access to information, lack of stable market, unfair prices for their produce, poor methods of farming, lack of access to inputs like improved seeds, fertilizers and pesticides and more so facing the big obstacle of climate change.

More so, they have to walk long distances get market for their produce and also standing for long hours in markets waiting for clients to buy their produce. This results into food loses for perishable products like vegetables, fruits. Also due to lack of postharvest facilities and good storage conditions, one third of food produced is lost. 42% of vegetables and fruits is wasted in garden due to lack of postharvest management, this food that is wasted, affects farmers’ income, food security in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This why Afri-Farmers Market come to solve these challenges so that farmers can access stable market, consumers get fresh food directly from the farm, reduce food waste and increase economic income of local farmers.  

We provide inputs to local farmers to improve their harvest and technical support for better agricultural practices. After the harvest, we pick their produce from the garden and deliver it directly to consumers and store it in our glossary to reduce food waste and other postharvest challenges.

With Afri-Farmers Market we want to ensure that everyone African farmer has the opportunity to access market and help clients buy local food, to reduce shipping and processing which increase sustainability, cheaper. When you shop at Afri-Farmers Market, it increases economy of a local farmer because of your money spent goes directly to support and develop local farmers to help them improve their farming and meet other daily basic needs.

Shopping at Afri-Farmers Market is a win-win all way around because you get cheap, fresh testy and healthy food that is locally produced, the environment is well protected, and the economy of our local famers grows.  


Meet our Farmers 

Afri-Farmers Market is currently working and providing stable market and fair price to around 1000 farmers in Rwamagana District ~ Rwanda


We partner with our esteemed farmers to ensure and consumers to ensure quality services to meet your demands on time.

Local produce 

We ensure that our clients have access to affordable fresh and healthy food at any time.

Logistics and packaging

We deliver fresh food to your door that is well packed to avoid any damage.

Food safety 

We follow the standards in our grocery stores for cold Chain supervision and food safety protocols.


We provide guidelines and necessary information to our customers on how to eat nutritious food needed for body health and growth


A farming system which avoids the use of man-made fertilisers, pesticides; growth regulators and livestock feed additives.


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